LAHORE  - The Pakistan Education Specialists Group (PESG) and the British Council held a report launch for their teachers in Punjab. 

The report selected teachers based on a search carried out by the delivery chain of education in the province. The profiles include that of Abdul Latif Khan who has delivered excellent results despite being in an under-resourced school that has to work in a multi-grade classroom. Another teacher, Najma Basharat is easing community tensions between Pakhtun and Punjabi residents in her locality by making sure the school is welcoming to the influx of internal migrants. Mubasher Khaleeq, a schoolteacher from Bhawalpur de-wormed all the children in his school when he learnt that worms in children could affect brain function and learning.  

Mohammad Boota of Fatehpur learnt cane and bamboo making so he could create makeshift structures for his students, painted the walls with child friendly images and maintains the garden of the school on his own so his pupils find the school a bright, welcoming place.  

Dr Shamim Akhtar of Khanewal in an effort made her government school competitive with elite private schools. She won an international award by the British Council.  

Education Minister Rana Mashhood was chief guest at the event; he presented all the teachers shields and made an announcement creating an annual recognition awards for the best teachers of the Punjab. He said that all the categories of the teachers would be upgraded and soft loans will be issued to them after establishing a foundation very soon. He also announced an increase in the education budget.