LAHORE - Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said the PML-N government has dedicatedly been serving the people for the past four years.

“Every step is aimed at bringing in betterment,” he said while talking to his party legislators Tuesday. “The elements indulged in the politics of hypocrisy, lies and allegations are enemy of development as these elements do not want Pakistan to progress. People have exposed them through their votes,” he said .

The CM said economy was bankrupted when the PML-N came into power in 2013, while the country was caught in the quagmire of problems because of the policies of corruption, plunder and nepotism of the former rulers. Now, he claimed that the country has been on the path of progress.

Chairing a meeting, CM Shehbaz has directed all departments to utilise funds allocated for development schemes by June 30 next. The meeting reviewed progress on different development projects under the annual development program 2016-17. It also took under consideration proposals of annual development program for the year 2017-18.

Addressing the meeting, Shehbaz said that the PML-N government was fallowing the policy of composite development in the province, giving priority to the development in remote areas.

He said that an example has been set by saving billions of rupees in development projects, adding that this policy would be further pursued. The CM warned the public sector departments over delay. “Officials would be held accountable,” the Chief Minister said directing all the departments and organizations to ensure transparent utilisation of funds as well as timely completion of development projects.

“I will not tolerate delay in development schemes. The departments should work effectively and efficiently for achieving the targets. The policy of third party audit should be vigorously pursued in the development projects,” he said.

Shehbaz said health and education are priorities and during the next financial year maximum attention would be given to these sectors. He said additional funds would be allocated for health, education, agriculture and other social sectors. He said that special attention should be paid to the development of less developed and neglected areas. He said that further steps would be taken for the betterment of impecunious strata.

He said that the development of agriculture sector is very important for the strengthening of economy and told that development of agriculture sector and provision of better facilities to the farmers is included in the governmental priorities in the upcoming financial year.

For this purpose, further concrete steps would be adopted for the development of agriculture sector as well as welfare of the farmers. Similarly, billions of rupees would be spent on the development of backward areas in the next financial year. He said that pivot of government priorities is the welfare of common man and the rapid development of the province.

Separately, the CM presided over a meeting on Safe City Project in Lahore and issued directives to expedite work on the plan. Besides progress in the completion of the project in Lahore, the meeting also reviewed different aspects of launching Safe City Project in six other big cities of the province.