Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority has approached the National Accountability Bureau and other relevant institutions against the property developers and builders involved in the construction which has violated the provisions of Master Plan of Islamabad, ICT Zoning Regulations, 1992 and Islamabad Building Control Regulations, 2005 in zone I and zone IV, it has been learnt.

Certain unscrupulous builders/developers and advertisers have been violating laws/regulations for illicit gains and exploiting the general public. Despite repeated warnings, several developers have been involved in the construction of buildings, and flats without the requisite approval/NOC of the Authority.

However, the CDA has requested the three utility-providing agencies including SNGPL, PTCL and IESCO to not provide their service connections to these illegal buildings, apartments, settlements and land sub-divisions. The CDA has been campaigning against this practise of cheating the public through misleading advertisements of different illegal housing projects and commercial properties for sale.

Under the provisions of ICT (Zoning) Regulations 1992, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has been divided into five zones. As per delineation of the zones, Zone-I constitutes inclusive of sectors D-14, D-15, E-14, E-15, H-13, H-14, H-15 and H-17. As per provisions of Master Plan of Islamabad, Northern Half of sector H-13 has been designated as Green Area/Buffer Zone and the Southern Half has been earmarked for special buildings and institutions. Sector H-13 falls in zone-I of the ICT. As per provision of caluse-4 (1) (A) of ICT Zoning Regulations, 1992, the development of land in un-acquired sectoral areas of Zone-I shall be subject to the conditions that land shall be acquired under a phased programme and developed by the Authority in accordance with the land use pattern spelled out in the Master Plan. Furthermore, no sale/purchase of land which entails change in land use shall be allowed and that no construction of houses or buildings shall be allowed in the sector.

Under the Zoning Regulations, no private scheme of any kind whatsoever shall be allowed in the sector. However, some of the developers have been continuing with the illegal construction in the sector despite repeated warnings from the CDA in this regard. The Authority holds that all construction of buildings, apartments, development of settlements, land sub-divisions in Zone-I inclusive of sector H-13 are illegal and in violation of the provisions of Master Plan of Islamabad, ICT Zoning regulations, 1992 and Islamabad Building Control Regulations, 2005.

The CDA has also repeatedly warned the public to remain watchful while purchasing property and not purchase any plot, house, flat, shop in the projects where the sponsors/sellers have not obtained requisite NOC/ Approval from CDA. However, various quarters including some local public representatives had opposed CDA’s request to the IESCO, SNGPL, PTCL for not providing their services connections to such illegal buildings/apartments, etc.

According to the Director Urban Planning, CDA, DG Awareness and Prevention Division, NAB Islamabad and other relevant government departments have been sensitized on the issue.

The CDA has also taken notice of sale and purchase of properties in an illegal housing scheme in Zone-IV of the ICT. The CDA officials said that as per CDA ordinance, 1960, ICT Zoning Regulations 1992 and modalities and procedures framed under the ICT Zoning Regulations, Ghori Town (all phases), Rehman Residencia, Akber Enclave, and JS Block launched in Zone-IV of the ICT by M/s Green Spires (Pvt) Ltd on Islamabad Highway and Lehtrar Road are illegal housing schemes which are being advertised and marketed without any approval from the CDA.

“This state of affairs is alarming and a potential threat to the life and property of the residents due to non-adherence of Islamabad Building Regulations, 2005,” the Planning Wing of the CDA claimed. In this case too, NAB Rawalpindi has also been requested to assist the Authority against the illegal developers, said the Director Regional Planning, CDA. The CDA officials said the sponsors, management of the unauthorized Ghori Town has also been warned to refrain from advertisement/booking/allotment/transfer/marketing of plots and land in the illegal scheme and stop the construction.  

Furthermore, CDA has also taken notice of illegal Kohsar View Housing Project and warned all the stakeholders that certain unscrupulous builders, developers and advertisers were violating the laws. “They are promoting illegal construction of buildings/flats/schemes without the requisite approval of the Authority,” the officials held. Kohsar View Housing Project has been sponsored by M/s Genrid & Company Islamabad and is being advertised by M/s Divine Marketing Islamabad.

The CDA officials said that in an advertisement, false and misleading information was given regarding Location Plan of the Housing Scheme. “From the advertisement, it appears that the project site has access from Sector I-16, which is false. It is made clear that no such approval/permission has been granted by CDA,” said Director Urban Planning CDA Ijaz Ahmad Sheikh. Moreover, he held, neither Sector I-17 nor the boundary of Islamabad has been shown in the Location Plan given in the advertisement. “This housing scheme does not fall in the limits of Islamabad,” he maintained. He said that Director General, Awareness & Prevention Division, NAB, Islamabad; Director General, Rawalpindi Development Authority, Rawalpindi and Registrar of Companies, Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad have also been sensitized on the issue.