When energy prices rise and the greenhouse gas release effects at a higher rate, everywhere people are more concerned in using fossil fuels. Many people are turning towards so called “ green technologies’’ so that we may not become more dependent on unrenewable fossil fuels. As we know that electricity plays an important role in socioeconomic growth and social prosperity of a country. It is considered the basic unit for human development. In Pakistan half of the population does not have electricity in the rural areas and about 10-12 hours of load shedding in urban areas is quite common. If we use the substitute energy source it would be clean and reliable. There are a three popular energy sources are geothermal power, solar power and wind power. Geothermal energy is heat energy generated and stored in the Earth. It can be used on smaller scale for heating and cooling houses. Geothermal is cost effective and reliable. 

Still in Pakistan geothermal is one of the unexplored resources for electric power when we talk about solar power it is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. Solar power have multiple benefits like it helps to stop global warming, it also saves the society from trillions of dollars. Germany is a worldwide leader in the use of solar power Last major source is the wind power. It is said to be the faster growing source energy in the world. Also, wind energy doesn’t pollute the air like power plants, such as coal or natural gas. Whereas, Pakistan shows a deficiency in the conventional resources, but no progress was being made in the sustainable resources. We need to conduct such awareness companies for production of electricity. It is better to utilize these natural resources in order to fulfill the electricity supply in the country, which will not benefit for us only in present but in future as well. 


Vehari, May 8.