It was already clear that Israel was never happy with Iran nuclear deal, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remained the leading critic of the deal. Trump’s announcement did not come as a surprise at all. However, what is saddening about his withdrawal from the deal is that his evidence is the documents recently released by Netanyahu showing that Iran had attempted to develop a nuclear bomb in the previous decade, especially before 2003. Although he gave no explicit evidence that Iran violated the 2015 deal, he said Iran had lied in the past and could not be trusted. So many generalisations and assumptions can kill any deal.

The agreement limits Iran’s uranium enrichment and enrichment-related activities for eight years, through 2023, restricts its uranium stockpile for 15 years, and monitors uranium ore concentrate produced by Iran for 25 years. It also says Iran will not engage in activities, including research and development, which could lead to the development of a nuclear explosive device.

The deal was a win-win deal for all parties involved. While Trump has announced that the US will exit the nuclear agreement for it has “terrible flaws”, he fails to point out any one section of the deal that hampers the US interests. Instead, he relied on evidence that does not suggest a single instance where Iran is in violation of the nuclear agreement.

Imperial lies and its watchdog in the Middle East, Israel, have already wrecked the peace of the world and region. With the US exit from the deal, the gigantic task of avoiding irreparable loss lies on the shoulders of the UK, France, and Germany. The nuclear deal was one of the few good things that materialised in Obama years.

It is not difficult to guess the countries and regimes celebrating the president’s decision to violate the agreement signed under Obama’s presidency. Muhammad bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia and Israel of Benjamin Netanyahu.

While withdrawing from the deal, Trump says that the exit will make America secure, it is not a correct statement at all. The unilateral decision of Trump ignoring all parties to the agreement will not improve U.S. security at all. Even the card-carrying hawks who hate the Islamic regime consider Trump’s decision foolish.

Leading officials of American military establishment contrary to Trump’s remarks that the deal was most flawed, think of the deal “pretty robust” in the words of Defense Secretary James Mattis. Even officials of Israeli military believed the agreement to be a fair one. It is convenient to think that the US and Israel want to wage war on Iran, cutting a long story short.