ATTOCK-People demanded that the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) not reduce the number of check posts that are a must for maintaining law and order in the country.

A group of notables made that demand while talking to the media. They said that a few people who apparently do not want peace in the country were demanding abolition of some check posts especially in the tribal areas. They said that those people were either unaware of the importance of these security check posts or they were doing that intentionally to make easy the infiltration of anti-social elements and terrorists.

They said that during the last few months, the number of check posts had been reduced and it resulted in a suicide attack in Attock causing loss of precious lives . They said that another example was arrest of a suspected terrorist from Rawalpindi along with a suicide jackets and explosives. Thus, terrorists could enter the area because of abolition of check posts , they said.

They said check posts apparently create inconvenience for the public but are mandatory for establishing peace in the country.