Islamabad -  Without any second opinion idealism is the nature of youth but in every human endeavour it is the price that we have to pay for our achievements while false idealism just breeds sickness. The play “AAP KA MATLOOBA NUMBER DUSRI LINE PE MASROOF HAI ” being staged at F-9 park in a very comic mood depicts the youth’s unrealistic idealism that is taking them far away from the realities of life.

 The play is set in a coffee shop, a typical cultural hub of today’s youth. The story encompasses a troika of friends and how one of the friend, Taimur goes through the one thing every young boy in his twenties gets to face being friend-zoned by the one he is desperately in love with. The entire play revolves around Taimur’s confused love for a girl Zara in which his father Chaudhry Saab, depicting class contradictions, takes the entire comic plot to a logical end. The comedy is a sugar quoted tablet for the treatment of artificial and miss-matched relationships being established in a fake environment created by teenage fanaticism.  Talking to APP, director Atif said, “He wants to convey in this play a message for the youth on why they act upon confused ideals and don’t take responsibility for their actions and why they are not true to their own feelings.  He advised the youth to understand and adopt the real face of life and come out of this Coffee Culture and be a practical part of this real world which has its own beauty and attraction. Habibullah Sadique, an attendee of the event was of the view that it was amazing comedy play with wonderful direction. “Its execution was perfect and it was truly a laughter therapy” he added.  Another theatre enthusiast from the audience Maryam Sana said that the writer aptly depicted the characters by using a fine plot, good teamwork and flawless acting. 

“A complete package filled with love, emotions and humour and one cannot stop laughing from beginning till the end”, she remarked. She, however, said the play had a lesson for boys to choose a girl for her character and not her artificial appearance.

The Play is being exhibited at F-9 Fatima Jinnah Park Aiwan -E- Quaid from April 27 to May 14 under the Umbrella of All-4-One media in collaboration with Gloria Jeans and others.