It is alarming how unperturbed the establishment remains over the repeated reports of the water crisis that is in effect over the country, especially now with an impending dry season threatening to linger for two months and severely impacting agricultural and resultant economic output targets. It is a testament to the inability of the limited focal point of our legislature and lawmakers who confine themselves within the ambit of the same issues of security and politics, leaving other pressing issues like poverty, water management and environmental degradation to deterioration.

Where Irsa has remained toothless as a regulator in its discretionary powers, especially with regards to unequal water distribution between Sindh and Punjab, it is even more problematic that the regulator has remained ineffectual in propagating water management programmes or pushed for conservation policies. Where Irsa has reiterated that any solution would only be viable if issued by the political leadership with the engagement of chief ministers of the two provinces, the matter has been left bereft of notice by higher authorities.

Where water regulator, provincial irrigation authorities and weather experts have repeatedly asserted that only solution to the country’s water problems was the construction of at least two dams simultaneously, there has been little to no political will or impetus to meet construction deadlines or finish proposed dam projects. Consultations between the provincial members will bear no results till the federal government intervenes and highlights the issue and initiates every possible platform to resolve water scarcity and efficient water management. It is imperative that our water resources are conserved and managed efficiently, for the sake of the economic and agricultural welfare of our country. Brandishing water treaties and accords will serve no purpose when the rivers run dry and our crops start failing.