According to the news reports, Asia Bibi has left Pakistan for Canada. The Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Asia Bibi in a blasphemy case on October 31, 2018. The SC found the charges without merit. However, it took the justice system of the country nine years to find her non-guilty. Let that sink in! But her long ordeal was not over yet. Religious fanatics took to streets to protest the SC verdict as for them emotions must be kept supreme rather than the rules and principles of justice.

The whole saga of Asia Bibi case is not only a case study of how the country is not safe for religious minorities but also that a person belonging to other religions can undergo unimaginable sufferings if s/he is charged for blasphemy. In Pakistan, people often the times invoke charges of blasphemy against the people of minority religions in small feuds and disputes.

In the case of Asia, the allegations were made in June 2009 when she had had a heated argument with some Muslim co-workers in her village Ittanwal, some sixty kilometres southeast of Lahore. She was maltreated while being arrested. After a decade long struggle against the false allegations and hypocritical emotions of the followers of religio-political groups over her acquittal, Asia is finally breathing free in Canada.

Now that she has arrived in Canada to join her two daughters, the state needs to devise a strategy to discourage people from hurling false charges of blasphemy against each other. People in Pakistan often the time level charges of blasphemy against their opponents to make life miserable for them and some time they get away with even murdering their opponents by calling the dead person a blasphemer. The state needs to come up with a law that can deal with false accusers with an iron fist.