The trouble with laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs in Pakistan.

A couple of days ago, when NAB Lahore team raided at the house of Hamza Sharif, the Opposition leader of the Punjab assembly from the dynastic family was not arrested. As of the resistance from the party workers and later got pre-arrest bail from Lahore High Court in unusual routine against the money laundering of the billions of the rupees and by now his bail has been extended. However, court proceedings and relief are not available to the other citizens as to those influential persons in Pakistan, painting the worst picture of the double-standards justice in the society.

A case of my colleague-cum friend’s father named, Shafi Muhammad Pathan ( C.P. NO. 318/2018) aged 72 years has been in the jail custody in NAB reference and who time in again has been denied the request of the bail for the last year.

I, being a citizen of Pakistan, expect the rule of the land applied to all with no distinction. I also want to bring in the notice of the concerned authorities kindly grant the bail to Shafi Muhammad, considering the merit of the case and the age factor; otherwise, law without justice is a wound without care.


Larkana, April 19.