KARACHI (PR) IMC has won ‘Outstanding Customer Service Excellence Award’ in CSEA 2018. The company has been participating in this program for the last 11 years and has bagged this prestigious Gold Title for the first time. This program is hosted every year by Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan and all affiliates of Toyota world i.e. Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia etc.

participate in it and strive towards one common objective of providing better customer service, to become the most admired automotive brand in its territory.

Through CSEA, IMC has improved the efficiency of its after sales and CR operations and have created numerous Customer Engagement touch points.

Commenting on the victory, IMC Chief Executive Officer, Ali Asghar Jamali said, “I and all my colleagues at IMC are delighted that our company has been awarded the Gold Award in Customer Service Excellence Award Program (CSEA). I congratulate all those who are responsible for this great success. Through CSEA, we have taken numerous initiatives to engage our customers and create value for them. And we will keep on sustaining these standards to achieve the highest level of Customer Delight”.