Marital rape is a real problem in our society but due to cultural taboos, people rarely discuss it. It is not recognized in a legal context. However, if we look elsewhere in the world, we will see that it is an important issue.

Any unwanted sexual act by a spouse or ex-spouse is committed without the other person’s consent. In Pakistan, though many people do not even consider it rape because they say how can you say that if you are in the nikkah of a man, how can he be a rapist? These people seem to forget that this binding contract does not give men a free license to abuse. They actually fail to understand that it is a sacred relationship.

Marital rape is not restricted to any particular age either. We just do not hear women talking about such grave matter, NGO who work on women’s issues says that they are reluctant to go to court on these issues. Therefore, it appears that legally and socially there is no support for women who suffer this crime.


Karachi, April 19.