ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly yesterday witnessed unanimity for a brief time between treasury and opposition in order to increase the seats allotted in the provincial assembly of KPK for erstwhile FATA.

The lawmaker from North Waziristan Mohsin Dawar introduced ‘The constitution amendment bill, 2019’ unanimously got vote in the favour.

According to the statement of objects and reasons of the bill, “under the constitution, the state is responsible to protect the rights of all its citizens and to give them due representation in all walks of life”.

“In order to ensure proper representation of the areas of erstwhile FATA, it is necessary that the number of general seats of the national assembly allocated for those areas should remain the same.”

It says, “the seats allotted in the provincial assembly of KPK for erstwhile FATA are proposed to be increased to give adequate representation to the said area”.

It further says, “the current allocation of the above general seat made on the basis of provisional results of the population censes 2017 does not include IDP’s in the population of former FATA”.

According to the amendment of article-51, “for the expression KPK, in the first column and the entries relating therto in the second, third and fourth columns, the following shall be substituted, namely “KPK 51 -10-61”.

The government side introduced another bill ‘The University of Islamabad bill, 2019’ which will offer programs in management science, computer science, international relations and mathematics. It brings immense social benefits for the local population of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and adjoining areas.