Operation Fork


May 10, 1940, when her majesty`s forces invaded Iceland. The war itself was in the middle of various forces across the world. The move came in as a precautionary measure against the German invasion of Iceland. Allies feared that the next target might be the Danish territory of Iceland.

In a preemptive strike known as Operation Fork, several British troops landed in the capital city of Reykjavik on the morning of May 10. The troops grew in number with time and reached up to 25000 British and Canadian troops before the Americans took over the occupation in 1941.

Although Iceland remained loyal to its occupants or invaders for that matter, it officially remained neutral in the war. The invasion came in as a strategic move primarily for a war objective; Allies were ready to take on more territories to keep their opponents in check.

As of today Iceland remains an iconic tourist destination over with the remains of the war.