In “Milky Way Galaxy”, the planet Earth is the only one that is dependent upon trees and we live comfortably with the use of all natural long last resources in it. Thus, due to equilibrium reactions of 92 natural and 24 artificial elements, the world has been able to shelter. In fact, the earth is directly proportional to “trees” and lack of trees results in the destruction of the atmosphere with a consequence burning and no life would be possible except some bacteria of high temperature.

Average data records of the graphic chart from 1990 (3%.3%) to 2015 (2.6%) shows a decreasing rate in the country because of deforestation for industrialization which is the future purpose of burning bacteria. Thus, trees are responsible for the progress of a good atmosphere on the earth. According to the data, the climate shows a gradual towards bate climate and atmosphere. Research says, “That is all rapid increment of CO2

Average data records of the graphic chart from 1990 (3.3%) to 2015 (2.6%) and it shows a decreasing rate because of deforestation for industrialization, furniture, burning purpose, and etcetera. Due to lack of trees, our atmospheric conditions are converting in worst. Trees are responsible for best progress of a good atmosphere on the earth. A century data of world climate shows a gradual descending towards bad climate atmosphere.

Researchers said, “That is all the rapid increment of CO², high usage of CFCs and lack of treeing”. Day after day planet Earth is being addicted by enormous harmful gases (complex compounds), and less process of trees. Currently.

Cure to this addictive atmosphere of earth is only treeing that would really make a healthy world. Let us make several communities of “treeing earth” ourselves and questioning the government to add an effective committee over this issue.


Turbat, April 18.