KARACHI  -    The Peoples Youth Organisation (PYO) has demand that Imran Ismail step down as Governor of Sindh for his statement about dividing Sindh into administrative units.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Secretary General of PYO Sindh Shoaib Mirza said that an unnecessary conflict is being created between people residing in the Sindh province, vowing that PPP is committed to keep the province united at any cost.

Shoaib Mirza said that provinces, according to the Constitution of Pakistan, are integral units of Federation, and it is prime responsibility of the governor to strengthen the federation rather than indulging himself in to the politics of tussle and confrontation.

PYO Spokesperson Taimoor Ali Maher also demanded that anyone who tries to divide Sindh must be charged with treason under Article 6 of the Constitution. He said that the Governor Sindh is following the mindset of a outlawed separatist political party, which cannot be tolerated by the patriotic workers of Peoples Party. In order to tackle the ongoing controversy, Taimoor Ali Maher demanded the resignation of Governor Sindh on immediate basis.

PPP Youth Wing further expressed displeasure over alleged attempts to transform the Governor House into a propaganda cell to fulfil vested interests. The controversial statement by the Governor Sindh is also being condemned widely from all political parties, even disavowal from his own party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who made him the province’s governor, the PPP Youth Wing noted.