With the lockdown being relaxed in certain sectors by the government, there are questions being raised regarding the fate of other facets of ‘normal’ life, sports being a prime example. In Pakistan, head coach and chief selector Misbah ul Haq is advocating for a resumption of international cricket, as a means to bring some positivity in the lives of both the players and the audience watching at home.

In the backdrop of reports of England looking to play a previously scheduled test series with Pakistan at a later date, this question is quite possibly being mulled over in the rest of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) hierarchy as well. But perhaps it is still a little too soon to think about bringing back cricket at this point in time.

The number of infections is increasing rapidly daily here at home, even while some developed countries have reported a slowdown. Organising a cricketing match – even with empty stands – requires a number of people to set up, not to mention the dangers cricketers and coaching staff will be exposed to as a result of close interactions with one another. Sportsmen and their family, much like the rest of the world, need to prioritise their own safety and that of their families.

Sports always involves huge amounts of revenues and holds a special place in our hearts, but currently the focus is on opening sectors of the economy that are absolutely essential. Until organising institutions are positive that they can prevent the spread of the virus at these events, we should not consider putting lives at risk unnecessarily. There will come a time, if we follow all precautions, when the coronavirus will not be the cause of a global shutdown. Cricket and all other sports can wait till that happens. Until then, we must sit tight.