Islamabad - The book ‘Coronavirus COVID-19 Threat to the National Security Bio-Warfare or real virus’ constitutes two parts which are divided into 24 chapters and the newsfeed. Senator A Rehman Malik shared the authenticated knowledge about the Viruses their behaviour, pandemics which triggered the world before the outbreak of COVID-19, speculations about the emergence of coronavirus, the transformation of coronavirus into a pandemic, biological, and chemical warfare, bio-weapons with an overt reference to terrorism, precautionary measures suggested by the WHO and other forums dealing with it.

The author discussed the efforts undertaken at the national level to fight the pandemic and the role he played to raise the flag indicating the future threat, while the pandemic was approaching Pakistan. The author discussed 37 Points National Action plan which he recommended to the government as Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior to prevent the spread of disease in Pakistan curtailing it to the minimum and measures to deal with infected.

Undoubtedly, coronavirus emerged as an instantaneous spread and a mysterious killer, which formed its transmission path from person to the family, from family to the community, from the community to countrywide, from countrywide to the region and from the region it went global. Senator Malik meticulously selected the topics for this book. Pertinent material has been produced and published for the readers which would enhance the general awareness about COVID-19 pandemic.

Interestingly the book drives its readers through the history of viruses and their natural growth and the element of their existence. The author has discussed that mankind on earth remained under the attack of viruses repeatedly. The virus attacks resulted in heavy losses to the world economies hence created an imbalance in the socio-economic structure of the world. The Chapter III of the book discusses the international speculations of the scientists, politicians, and people from different walks of life about the Coronavirus COVID-19. Years back, many visionaries predicted the outbreak of a pandemic. However, there were varying views and theories about its emergence and no consensus was found on the date of its existence.

Second part of the book covered the newsfeed of the work extensively done by the author before the outbreak of the pandemic in Pakistan. He cautioned the authorities well in time about the potential spread of coronavirus and offered his time and energies to deal with the growing threat. He recommended the 37 Points National Action Plan to negotiate with the then advancing threats of coronavirus to Pakistan. A number of meetings were held with concerning authorities in the individual capacity of the author and from the platform of Senate Standing Committee on Interior.  Senator Rehman Malik did not limit his efforts to the national level. He wrote letters to the FATF and to Secretary-General United Nations to remove Pakistan from grey list so that the economy, which is dilapidating due to the outbreak of pandemic, may get some relief. Senator Malik has also requested the IMF to review the situation of pandemic under the Clause of Force De Majure and consider waiving off the financial liabilities of Pakistan. The author also approached Bill Gates through a letter urging him to work together for the investigations about coronavirus COVID -19.

Senator Rehman Malik knitted the credible information which was direly needed in the ongoing situation. People in the world were receiving a penalty of unauthenticated information every second through unreliable resources causing depression and fear for the public. It is essentially required to understand the concept of viruses their behaviour in the pandemics faced in the past and the prevailing COVID-19 situation. It is essentially required to understand the changing scenarios in the world economy, which may add a few names to the leading countries and may delete a few. One must also comprehend that the wars are far ahead from the conventional techniques and modern weaponry entails more lethal silent weapons that don’t sound loud but their destruction is multi-dimensional that targets the nation’s morale, economy, human lives and achieve the harassment and destructive goals at the same time.