KARACHI                 -                Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has warned against softening of lockdown, while the number of the coronavirus cases on rise in the country, on Saturday. Addressing a press conference Dr. Ikram said that with softening in lockdown the gates were being opened for the disease as the decision would further spread it.

The doctor said that the World Health Organization (WHO) had warned against any relief in the lockdown and urged for further tightening it. “The violation of the WHO protocol won’t benefit anyone,” doctors said. “The patients are running from one hospital to another due to lack of any guideline,” doctors said.

It is to be mentioned here that the government has decided to relieve the lockdown from Saturday, while the PMA and other doctors’ associations are demanding for further tightening of the lockdown and creating public awareness about the coronavirus disease.

Dr. Ikram said in present situation the disease will further spread in Karachi. While expressing his dissatisfaction over the government’s steps to enforce the lockdown he questioned, “what will happen if this ‘lockdown’ will be further relieved?”

“The number of confirmed cases are increasing while the government has announced softening of lockdown,” Dr Qaisar Sajjad said. “In other parts of the world lockdown is being softened after diminishing cases of the disease,” he said.


The disease has yet to reach its climax in the country, ending the lockdown in this situation will prove dangerous, the doctors warned. NNI