Peshawar                -                 Pakistan Development Foundation (PDF) has demanded of the KP government to open universities for the students of final semesters in BS and Master programs.

Chairman of the PDF, Muhammad Bilal Sethi wrote a letter to the Governor / Chancellor, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Shah Farman and Advisor to Chief Minister on Higher Education suggesting them to rescue the students of higher education.

According to the letter the pandemic of COVID-19 has badly influenced the day-to-day social life including education, but the government could not come up with a better strategy with regard to resuming the higher education of students despite the passing of two months of the lockdown. Bilal Sethi, a renowned social activist of KP, suggested in his letter that the government should allow final semester students to universities so that they can work on their research which is vital for their career.

He also suggested that the students may be divided in groups and each group may be called on a different day and allotted a different room, ensuring social distancing and preventive measures.

Giving an example of the University of Peshawar, he said that it admits 25 to 35 students per session.

He further said that the students of lower grades can save their wasted time by not taking winter and summer vacations but the final semester students will not be able to undo the damage that would be caused.

Therefore, the government needed to strictly make a plan without wasting any time. He also ensured his support to the government in the said process.