Islamabad                -                Appreciating the continued support from China regarding fighting the deadly Covid-19 virus, Ambassador of Pakistan to China Naghmana Hashmi has said that these donations have reinforced Pakistan’s efforts to combat COVID-19 pandemic and helped contain and curb this disease effectively.

“We have received critical medical supplies worth millions of RMBs from Chinese donors including major SOEs, entrepreneurs engaged in several projects in Pakistan, provincial governments of China and also from private individuals,” said the ambassador in an interview with China Economic Net here yesterday.

Hashmi highlighted that the Chinese magnanimity and concern for health and safety of fellow human beings in Pakistan is not only a manifestation of their national character but also offers an insight into peaceful and benevolent traits of Chinese civilization.

“As iron brothers, all-weather strategic partners and most reliable friends, Pakistan looked forward to China in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

The ambassador remarked that China’s assistance to Pakistan at this critical juncture has again proved that Pakistan and China are strategic partners, and such bilateral ties remain unaffected by myriad challenges and continue to grow from strength to strength.

In order to manage the continuous supply of donations being received on daily basis and its shipment to Pakistan, the embassy constituted a team of four Embassy officers under the guidance of ambassador Hashmi to liaise with the donors and assist them in every way possible. 

“We also made elaborate logistical arrangements including spacious ware house, cargo handling and customs clearing facilities which were necessary for a swift and smooth processing of donations till the final shipment,” she said.