ISLAMABAD Expressing deep concerns over blatant violations of diplomatic immunity, legal experts said on Monday that certain diplomatic missions were reportedly overstepping their mandated immunity. They specially referred to the US outfit Backwaters murky activities in the country. Though for foreign missions a number of rules and regulations are relaxed but in certain cases they are required to fulfil certain conditions, including prior information to Pakistan Government about their travel and meetings schedule with political and social dignitaries. However, in some cases these requirements are not fulfilled by the diplomats, they observed. Talking to TheNation, they said, It is clear-cut violation of Pakistan Panel Code 1860, Article 4 & 5 of the Constitution, as it has been observed in various incidents that police intercepted foreigners including American diplomats on busy roads of Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad carrying sophisticated arms without proper documentation. Legal fraternity could file a civil lawsuit in the courts against Blackwater seeking monetary damages for the injured and families of those killed in several incidents reportedly related to Blackwater, they added. Ministry of Interior has given foreigners privileged rights even bypassing Geneva Convention regulations which prohibit foreigners to carry weapons publicly in light of status of international human rights, they observed. When contacted, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan said diplomatic immunity was obviously being violated, as foreigners were reportedly allowed to hold arms publicly during their movement in the country. Yes there is a pressing need to observe several rules i.e. 1965 Arms Act, Pakistan Panel Code and other written laws under Geneva Convention to overcome this untoward situation being prevailed in the country, Aitzaz said. Former federal law minister Dr Khalid Ranjha also expressed concerns over the presence of Blackwater, a notorious US security firm reportedly active in bordering areas of Pakistan. Clear-cut violation of diplomatic immunity was observed by every one when some diplomats were busy in a private meeting with senior ministers without prior information to the Foreign Office, he said. Barrister Ahmed Raza Kasuri, quoting media reports, said: Foreigners, especially Americans, give lectures to many treasury benches without any permission of the Foreign Office. Why diplomats are exempted from search, arrest, or prosecution when Constitution of our country does not allow anyone to hold weapons publicly, he asked. When contacted, Dr Babar Awan, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, showed reluctance to answer a question whether government had failed to implement a proper law regarding diplomatic immunity. Interior Minister Rehman Malik was also not available for comments. It is pertinent to mention here that several foreigners were caught red-handed by Capital Police carrying weapons publicly. A wave of anger, fear and uncertainty prevails across the country, as recently police officials deployed at different pickets intercepted four Americans and two Dutch diplomats and recovered sophisticated weapons including hand grenades from their possession. Following the incidents, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik also said that any foreigner, who violated the rules, would be dealt with iron hand.