THE series of bomb blasts that keep occurring day after day in Peshawar indicate that the terrorists, though losing ground against Pakistan Army in South Waziristan, retain the strength to launch reprisal attacks. The security establishment is no doubt taking on the militants in a serious manner. But the fact remains that there exist certain flaws in terms of pre-empting the menace of suicide blasts. The militants therefore, are able to carry out mass-casualty attacks. For instance, consider the way the provincial capital Peshawar has been repeatedly targeted. Last week, a deadly blast ripped through a crowded market leaving 105 people dead and wounding hundreds and in the last two days alone, a total of 16 persons were killed and many more wounded in the city. How far the counter-insurgency approach is flawed can be gauged from Peshawars case. For instance, due attention to enhance its security has not been given despite the fact that it is so close to FATA. The militants have found it quite easy to turn the city into a horrible battleground. Now, in order to prevent the city from going through more bloodshed, the factor of its geographical proximity with FATA and its effects should be taken into account and consequent security measures arranged. On the other side of the spectrum, the issue of foreign involvement in terrorist attacks has not been given its due attention. Keeping in view the evidence that has been obtained, it is clear that India is engaged in a proxy war with Pakistan using Afghanistan as a base. But it is hard to understand why the government has not raised the issue with the Indians in the way it needed to be. Just the other day, Prime Minister Gilani said that he would talk to the Indian Premiere when he came to the negotiating table. But wouldnt that be too late and besides what is he waiting for? It could be much better if New Delhi is pressurised straightaway to give up backing terrorism inside Pakistan. The US, which is leading the war against terrorism, must also be asked to keep the Indians on a tight rein.