STUDENTS at Cambridge University are renowned for their brains. But, for the first time in its 800 year-old history, students have formed a cheerleading squad, proving that beauty and intelligence are not mutuall exclusive. The Cambridge Cougars have wowed judges with their nimble routines while clad in skimpy blue and white lycra and have already won national awards. The 45-member-strong squad was set up by Alison Berner of Jesus College and includes students from Germany, Israel, Austria, Ireland and the US. The team has even embraced equality to include four male students who prove handy for tossing the girls high into the air. Up to 25 members compete and practices are held twice weekly with an extra weekend practice in preparation for tournaments. They can be found at a variety of university games belting out sideline cheers such as: 'Cambridge Cambridge crank it up Cambridge Cambridge were on topThe current president is 23-year-old material science PhD student at Corpus Christi College, Cally Humphreys. Daily Mail Ms Humphreys and other team members work together to choreograph routines taking inspiration from American teams and Youtube. She said: 'Its a fun thing to do and a good way to get exercise. It helps students to relax and forget about their work for a while. 'I hope that Cambridge students are helping to give cheerleading a good name. Squads are popping up all over the place now. Ive had a few emails from schools asking advice on how to start a team. 'The team is now looking to repeat the success weve had so far and move up to a higher level by increasing the difficulty of our stunts. Formed just three years ago, they have already won the second Division British National Open Champions at the International Cheerleading Coalition (ICC) in March. They mastered jumps, dance moves, tumbling and basket throws to beat six other teams in Senior Co-Educational Division Two at the event in Nottingham Arena. The squad also came third in the BCA University Championships Co-Educational Cheer Division 2 and second in the Co-Educational Group Stunt in 2009. DM