BASEL (AFP) - The world has avoided an extremely threatening depression but there are outstanding risks that could topple renewed economic confidence, leading central bankers said on Monday. There is a situation where we see elements that are encouraging, confirmation of the fact that we avoided the extremely threatening depression, and elements which call for permanent vigilance and alertness, said Jean-Claude Trichet, speaking on behalf of leading central bankers including those from the Group of Ten industralised economies. Trichet noted that the world was able to end an economic freefall thanks to exceptional measures taken by world governments and central bankers. As a result, the element of stabilisation and of positive territory at a global level are obvious, he observed. However, the president of the European Central Bank also warned that it was no time for complacency. We have large numbers of issues that are still there.... As regards to the perspective we have in front of us, in terms of the real economy, its a very complex situation where we have a very large number of parameters to take into account. These parameters include a growing unemployment problem and fiscal imbalances, both of which can erode confidence. Confidence remains of the essence. The central banks... would certainly consider that improving confidence where its necessary and consolidating confidence is certainly of the essence, said Trichet.