Aitzaz Ahsan has been sort of out of sorts ever since Mr. Zardari became President. Despite his best endeavours, he was denied his due position in the PPP but has still kept dragging behind the party caravan. He is a confused man who is confusing others too as he has done with lawyers by his sudden meeting with his party chief a few days back. It appears Mr. Zardari would be in the dock sometime in the near future and Mr. Ahsan would defend him, much to the chagrin of his fans in the lawyers' community. Mr. Ahsan, you might recall, had subverted the mood of the Long March for judiciary so that PPP and Mr. Zardari could bag all the kudos for it. The nation is disappointed that Aitzaz never objected to Mr. Zardaris unconstitutionism, incompetent governance and corruption in government. If Mr. Ahsan is to act as Mr. Zardaris most loyal foot soldier rather than defend the national interests, his future in politics is bleak. -HAIDER SHAH, Faisalabad, November 8.