Recently a number of Sikh Yatrees came to Pakistan, not just from India but from other parts of the world also, to pay homage to the sacred places here. Pakistan government and the government of Punjab did an excellent job in facilitating the yatrees in every respect. However, one incident which I saw on television dismayed me a lot. A private TV showed the Khadim-a Aala (Chief Minister) Punjab addressing a gathering of Sikh yatrees somewhere in Punjab. The 'learned Khadim-i Aala found this occasion to crack jokes about the community in an audience of Sikh, men, women and kids who were sitting dumbfounded through out. Some smiled meekly or even applauded at these Sikh jokes, I suppose, purely out of courtsy. I wonder what kind of sense of humour our Khadim-I-Aala has? -SHAFQAT ALI ZAIDI, Rawalpindi, November 9.