Jammu & Kashmir Human rights Council International Wing (KPSI) chairman Raja Habib Jalib, while giving an interview to a Lahore-based journalist Abdullah Alim has said that the political leadership of free Kashmir should work for the freedom of Kashmir according to UN resolution and should not listen to Indian policy makers and their agents. He said that backdoor diplomacy was nothing but a joke and anyone who believes in that should not be in politics. He said that diplomacy without the true representation of people of Kashmir is a waste of time and both Indian and Pakistani governments are doing just that, wasting time without any clear agenda on Kashmir. He said that India must realize that the issue of Kashmir would not disappear by wasting time on useless dialogue aimed at prolonging the occupation. Raja Habib Jalib said that the people of Kashmir would never forget the sacrifices made by hundred thousands of our people to ensure that we are not enslaved by the Indian military. He also proposed that the leaders from Azad Kashmir should organize an International Committee on Kashmir, which should represent the people of Kashmir in the international arena. The Committee should consist of prominent figures from Indian held Kashmir, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan area. He said that only this kind of an initiative would counter people like Farooq & Omer Abdullah, Mufti Saeed and others of their ilk, all Indian agents, that are representing people of Kashmir in the western world. -KPSI, Ottawa, November 8.