ISLAMABAD - On one hand, Pakistan Peoples Party is on a damage control move while, on the other, it has locked horns with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) in Punjab, its senior coalition partner in the provincial government. Sources aware of the developments taking place on Punjab front between the two parties informed TheNation on Monday that Senior Minister in Punjab Cabinet Raja Riaz and other PPP ministers during their meeting with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani last week came up with a series of complaints against Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for not giving them even their due status as members of his cabinet. They asked the Premier Gilani to take up these complaints with the PML(N) leadership or otherwise decide to part ways with PML(N) Government in the province. The sources privy to the deliberations of the meeting of PPP ministers in Punjab Cabinet with PM Gilani informed that the latter asked them to hold their horses and let him tackle the problems with the PML(N) leadership. The sources further disclosed that PM Gilani had raised the complaints of his ministers in Punjab Cabinet with Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif and requested him to resolve their genuine concerns. The sources in PPP informed that PM Gilani also took up the issue of cabinet expansion with Mian Shahbaz Sharif but the latter did not come up with some concrete and satisfactory response on it. The sources further disclosed that the matter of implementation of power-sharing formula between Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) and Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab was put in limbo since the deadlock between the two sides on constitutional reforms and backing out of PPP from the promises it had made with PML(N) from time to time in the past one and half year. The sources informed that though there was no official word from PML(N) regarding linking of the implementation of 60-40 ratio of power-sharing formula in Punjab with the introduction of constitutional reforms by the Federal Government, there was tacit understanding between the two sides in this regard. The sources in PML(N) informed TheNation that they would not expand the Punjab Cabinet till the time of striking down of 17th Amendment, Article 58(2)b and other such distortions introduced in the Constitution during the dictatorial rules in the country. The sources further informed that due to this hurdle, PML(N) was also facing difficulties in accommodation of PML(Q) Forward Bloc which had extended unflinching support to PML(N) when Governors Rule was imposed in the province and PPP had used its full force to install the government of their choice but failed badly. The sources revealed that under the power-sharing formula agreed between PML(N) and PPP at the time of formation of Punjab Government, the PPP was given 40 percent share in the cabinet, equal share in the allocation of jobs and also the same number of slots in all the bodies to be established at district and tehsil level to accommodate the party workers. The sources in the PML(N) informed that it was the only reason behind the non-formation of the committees at district and tehsil level, as they had to accommodate the PPP men in it even in the districts where PML(N) had complete sweep during the February 2007 general elections.