An interesting discussion between Najam Sethi and Saleem Bukhari on KLB in a TV talk show came to conclusion with Mr. Sethi contradicting the crux of what he had said himself by taking a U-turn on his earlier statements. He, initially deplored the Pakistani military leaders past tendency to accept American aid with much harsher clauses and then flouting them. They had, thus, made the country look 'untrustworthy and morally-degraded in the eyes of the US, he said. After an interesting debate that ensued, when the compere of the program later asked Mr. Sethi what his advice would be to the government on the KLB, he proposed to accept it with restrictions the Americans are proposing. Then, he said, we should keep flouting its clauses whenever the need be and if caught in the process, ignore the American executive if they take that up with us or let them take whatever actions they deem necessary. As opposed to this strange approach, Mr. Bukhari took a firm stand reflecting the view taken by the vast majority of the Pakistani public that is both moral and dignified. -DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, November 8.