YET another revelation has come out from a US journalist on secret deals between the US and the Pakistani state regarding US access to Pakistans nuclear arsenal - all in the name of security. There have been the usual denials and protests from the Foreign office and other quarters, but there is a larger problem here. This is not the first time such revelations have come from US official and journalistic sources. Periodically, the news erupts of some secret understanding between the US and Pakistan regarding our nukes. Nor will this cycle ever end, unless there is a total reversal of policy relating to dealings with the US. The first issue that needs to be dealt with is that of access. Why do we continue to give so much access to US journalists when we know their intent? The Foreign Office now claims that Hersh revealed his well-known anti-Pakistan bias. If that was the case, why was he given a visa? Once he did manage to arrive, why did the Foreign Office not ensure he was denied access to the Presidency? Should they not be briefing the president to ensure nothing untoward gets said or gaffe committed? All US journalists provided access unlimited in Pakistan go back to do damaging stories of Pakistan based on half-truths, lack of understanding and playing to the Western gallery. Yet officialdom in Pakistan continues to fawn over these people and giving them all manner of facilities and sensitive access. Another more pertinent issue is unless we come clean on what sort of access we have been giving the US on the nuclear arsenal, rumours and half-truths will continue to find a ready audience, because our state has given exceptional access to the US across the country, post-9/11. To simply give meaningless denials with no real substance in them beyond the usual semantics does not convince anyone. After all, it is not just the foreign journalists who are referring to secret understandings between the US and Pakistan, beginning in the Musharraf era; US officials are also hinting at the same - in a guarded fashion. So what we need to know is how much access? It will be far better for the state to tell the nation the truth and then ensure that no further access is granted. Finally, the military needs to distance itself from the US, even if the political leadership cannot do so for their own interests. Surely by now it should realise that the US seeks to weaken the institution of the Pakistan military so any form of cooperation will have a hefty price to pay. It is time to create a distance between the Pakistan and US militaries and see how the latter fares in Afghanistan. Unless this distancing is done, the American Establishment and its journalists will continue to play mind games with Pakistan over the nuclear issue. For the nation that is unacceptable.