LAHORE - A pair of 'Meccaw (starlet) parrots may expire in the shed of Customs Department as three officials of Punjab Wildlife Department on Monday morning nabbed the illegal import of the pair of parrots worth Rs 0.4 million at Lahore airport. As per details, a resident of Lahore Cantonment area illegally imported the species meccaw (starlet) parrots. It is pertinent to mention here that in order to import rare species, it was mandatory to take the provincial license (Punjab) and NOC from Islamabad office concerned for importing or bringing the species to Pakistan from Holland. The officials of Punjab Wildlife Department nabbed the pair of precious parrots on Monday morning at 5am. They said that a resident of Cantt got the pair booked from Holland for Pakistan without getting certificate from the Holland government. They further claimed that it was out of senses that why the parrots went unchecked at the Holland airport as they should also check this practice of illegal export. Officials of Punjab Wildlife Department further claimed that the person who got the pair booked for bringing it to Pakistan does not know that he may meet with the fine of minimum Rs 200,000 for the illegal import. They further said that the guiltier was expecting the fine ranging from Rs 10,000 to 20,000 against the illegal import, which was totally against his expectations. On the other hand, the officials also claimed that the pair of imported parrots could expire within five days in the shed of Custom Department due to their improper care and unsuitable environment, saying the parrots should be shifted to proper place and environment before they expire. Insiders (wildlife experts) of the department also claimed that the pair of parrots should be shifted to some proper place otherwise there would be a new game of litigation would be started between government officials and the person who had imported these parrots.