The damage inflicted to Pakistan by the shameful acts of three cricketers is more than what could have been done by all the negative propaganda by our enemies. It would be grossly unfair to blame these players alone, forall this could have been prevented if timely remedial measures had been taken by the PCB, its politicised governing bodyand the patron, who appoints all of them. The officials who accompanied them and the controversies that stick to most of them, are responsible for throwing these young men, two of whom came from very humble backgrounds into the lions den. This was waiting to happen and was bound to happen given the tolerance and patronisation that the political establishment of Pakistan has for those whose greed knows no limit. The cricket mafia that is responsible for infiltrating and controllingPCB for more than15 years are all responsible for what has happened. This young talentedfast bowler Amir, was tempted by the likes of senior players accused of match fixing and yet managed to get away. The millions that they made and their opulent lifestyle was too much of a temptation for this novice to resist. Had the state of Pakistan and its powerful establishment allowed accountability process to gain a foothold in this country, this could have been prevented. Musharraf and Zardari in their role as all powerful patrons are guiltyfor not enforcing discipline and a deterrence for those found involved in irregularities by failing to appoint men of integrity on merit to head PCB. This was waiting to happen and those in power,including the military ruler are guilty of bringing shame to this country. GULL ZAMAN, Peshawar, November 5.