SWABI A distinguished leader of Awami National Party (NAP) was killed along with his minor son and a gunman when a suicide bomber attacked their vehicle while they were on their way home from Eidgah after offering Eidul Azha prayers. Hanif Gul Jadoon, a former district senior vice-president of ANP and Nazim of tehsil Swabi, was on the hit list of militants. He was killed on the spot and his security guard and minor son succumbed to injuries in hospital as a result the attack on Monday (Eid Day) in Malikabad, about 22 miles from the district headquarter. Eyewitnesses said that Hanif Gul offered Eid prayers in the Malikabad Eidgah and from there he embarked on his vehicle which was drove by his driver, Niaz Muhammad. Hanif and his six-year-old son Ahmad Hanif were sitting on the front seat. His gunmen, Farman Shah who succumbed to injuries in district headquarter hospital and Gul Khitab were on the second seat while his 15-year-old son Ijaz Ahmad and Wazir Shah, an aged person of Malikabad, were travelling on the last seat of their Parado. The vehicle was a few yards from their residence when they were attacked by a suicide bomber who was dressed as a beggar. He approached the vehicle and exploded himself near the front door where Hanif was sitting holding his son in his arms. As result the driver lost control over the vehicle. His son Ijaz told this correspondent, there was a huge blast, followed by the smoke which engulfed them. It was difficult to know what happened and he along with Wazir Shah Baba plunged through the back pane which had already shattered by the explosion. I rushed towards my father and I saw that blood was gushing out from his head. Both my father and brother were in serious condition. The gunman, Farman Shah was also in pool of blood. The people who were coming from Eidgah rushed to pick the injured and shifted them to the Civil Hospital Topi and District Headquarters Hospital, he said. Locals said they saw the suicide bomber when they were on their way to Eidgah. However, all of them considered him a beggar and no one thought he could be a bomber. District Police Officer Muhammad Ijaz Khan told this correspondent that eight to ten kilograms explosive was used in the bomb. The legs of the bomber and two unexploded hand-grenades were recovered by the police from the site. Officials and other sources said that there were two main reasons for the Taliban to target him. First, he was a prominent leader of the secular ANP and first leader from the district to become victim of a suicide attack. Second, Hanif played an important role in the military operation conducted in Malikabad on February 3, 2010 against the suspected militants, killing three militants, including their leader Shafi Akbar and arresting 152 people. ANP senior leader Azam Khan Hoti who visited the suicide spot told media men, It was a coward act. The terrorists are cowardly people and if they think that their attacks will dent our resolve to wipe out them, they are greatly mistaken.