LAHORE - Although the ruling PPP consistently rules out the possibility, some other parties insist that the government is on its way out. Spiritual leader Pir Pagara, whose PML-Functional is part of the coalition and who never conceals his contacts with the GHQ, says that a change will take place during the current month. The PML-N doesnt set a deadline but is of the considered opinion that the present government will cease to exist before March, the month when triennial elections on half of the 100 seats of the Senate are due to be held. The party plans to ratchet up pressure for the purpose. It has already held two public meetings in Dera Ghazi Khan and Lahore and will hold many more in various cities to mobilise the masses against the government. Then, it intends to hold a long march on Islamabad. As a last resort, the PML-N will dissolve the Punjab Assembly and its legislators will quit the National Assembly. The party believes that the government will not survive the 'fatal blow to be administered through resignations. The Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf, which is presenting itself as an alternative to both the PPP and the PML-N, thinks that the elections will be held after March. In other words, this means that the Senate elections will be held without any problem. The PPP remains undeterred by the PML-N threats. Former information secretary Fauzia Wahab, who is now in President Zardaris team, says there is no possibility at all of a change on the political scene. In her opinion there is no chance of military intervention in the prevailing situation as the Army is already so deeply involved in war on terror that in cant spare time for any such activity. Then, she said the opposition parties dont have the required numerical strength in the National Assembly to vote out the prime minister, which is a constitutional way of getting rid of the present setup. This, she said, leaves the country only with the option of fresh elections. The PPP leadership, she said, is determined to hold the elections on time in 2013. The PML-N cannot afford to resort to a strategy which will benefit the PTI more than any other party. She believes that in case the PML-N carried out its threat and the elections were held before time, Imran Khan will emerge as the major beneficiary. To substantiate her argument, she said media reports say that the younger generation is more inclined towards the PTI and in case the elections are held Imran Khan could emerge as a force to reckon with. In such a situation, the PPP leader said either the PML-N will not take any extreme step or it would risk giving the entire benefit to the PTI. Fauzia Wahab insists that if the PML-N dissolved the Punjab Assembly or resigned from the NA seats, the government would hold by-elections without any problem. She doesnt agree with the assertion that after quitting the assemblies the PML-N will not let the government fill the vacant pseats through by-elections. She claims that many PML-N legislators she met with are opposed to the idea of fresh elections. All of them, according to her, say that they had spent huge amounts in the previous elections and now they cannot afford to arrange millions for a new exercise. PML-Q dissidents have their own assessment of the situation. They say that their party has become what they call B-team of the PPP, a situation they cannot tolerate. A senior leader of the group Ishaq Khan Khakwani said that the future of the PPP is also bleak. In his assessment the elections will be held next year and by then the image of the PPP will get further tarnished. Electricity and gas shortages, law and order situation and fissures in the party will turn more people against the PPP as a result of which its performance in the elections will be quite disappointing, he says. A former minister who is now with the PTI, Mr Khakwani said most of the PML-Q leaders will contest the elections on PPP tickets because they will not like to use their own party platform and thus deprive themselves of the PPP votes. He says the future belongs to the PTI as people have rejected both the PPP and the PML-N. Asked about the election strategy of the PTI, he said it could make adjustments with the religious parties. He hoped that the agenda being prepared by the PTI would attract many a people and they would all support Mr Imran Khan. Observers say that the situation will become clearer in the days and weeks ahead.