Reputation of our legislators is much worse than what it should be. Many of them are known for holding fake degrees, dual nationalities, prone to selfishness, corruption, cronyism and lack of principles and moral courage. Out of some 1000 of our Senators, MNAs and MPAs only one MNA Ms Marvi Memon exhibited courage of conviction and adherence to principles when she resigned from the party and her seat in the National Assembly. She could not approve of her party joining recently Zardari government who had been calling it Qatil league (killer party) for the past three years. Mr. Zardari had dubbed it Qatil league (killer party) because his late wife Ms. Benazir Bhutto, before her assassination in December 2007, had alerted by e-mail her lobbyist Mark Siegal in Washington DC that if she were killed one of the killers besides Gen. Musharraf, would be Chaudhary Pervez EIlahi then Chief Minister of Punjab. Party leaders and members did not like being blamed for BBs murder by being called Qatil league. But all morals, principles, decency and political propriety were thrown to the winds when President Zardari embraced PML-Q. He needed their support as coalition partner because of MQMs frequent threats to quit the government. Bravo Ms Marvi Memon. Leaders like you can lead the nation forward. BASHIR A. MALIK, Lahore, November 9.