Salman Butt has been sentenced for 30 months, while Asif for one year and Muhammad Amer for six months. They were found guilty for deliberately bowling three no-balls during Lords Test in August 2010. These young cricketers were from Pakistan. All three young players of our team were highly promising in their field; they were aspiring to become the future icons and heroes. In a short spell of their display, they sent jitters to their contemporaries in other teams mainly to our number one rival i.e. India. For example, in the third ODI between Pakistan and New Zealand on November 9, 2009, in Dubai, Pakistan bowlers restricted the kiwis to 211 runs. Our batsmen lost nine wickets for merely 101 runs .The last pair of Amer (then 17- years old and now in jail) and Ajmal made the last partnership of 101 runs, Amer alone scoring 73. Someone, on the rival benches, must have marked this player. A conspiracy was hatched, by outside money, with a purpose to destroy Pakistans cricket future. There is no doubt that the three Pakistan players have committed a big sin by accepting money and letting down their own team which was the pedestal to take them to towering reputation in due course of their noble career. They have killed their fortune themselves. But let us see under which environments they have ruined their future. Let us also see who has benefited by their exit from the arena. The finger points towards India that had been ambitious all along to become superpower in the war of cricket. We may recollect the Indias scheme of creating IPL a few years back when India designed to draw all top players of other teams through the conduit of money. The present episode resembles the same pedigree. It is also said that Pakistan did not try to salvage their youngsters in trouble. Our government is now showing concern when the beans have spilled. Part of our present ruling junta has enormous personal influence with UK government. It could have saved our simpleton and unassuming youngsters from the horrible jails. In fact, our government should have taken their case as they were our culprits and not of the Great Britain. Also, it is Pakistan which has suffered and is still suffering. A.Q. ANJUM, Rawalpindi, November 9.