PESHAWAR - Instead of making an electoral alliance with different political parties in future, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has once again preferred to convince its old buddies to restore MMA in a bid to get maximum seats in the coming polls, sources told TheNation on Wednesday. It will benefit all the MMAs old stakeholders, if JUI-F succeeds in removing hurdles in restoration of this religious conglomerate that had ruled KP for five years and still had been deeply rooted in the masses. These were the views expressed at the JUI-F KP executive councils meeting held some days back in Peshawar. Majority of the executive council members outrightly opposed an electoral alliance with various political parties and preferred reactivating the MMA. They suggested that MMA must be restored at all. To go ahead with the same proposal, the JUI-F, KP, Ameer Sheikh Aman Ullah, however, called for another meeting of the provincial executive council soon after Eid-ul-Azha, sources said. After a strong desire shown by the JUI-F, KP, to restore the MMA at all cost, it was also decided that viewpoint of the JUI-F district-based chapters would also be obtained in order to prepare a comprehensive report, which will be dispatched to the central Shura of the party, they informed. It was observed that majority of the participants of the JUI-F provincial executive council were unanimous to a great extent to reactivate the old MMA instead of having an alliance with different parties, as the parties that had been part of the said religious alliance had worked together in a better way and they even knew one another very well. Therefore, it will be more useful for all. Some members of the meeting also said that so far they have observed that majority of the JI leaders are in favour, whereas only a few have opposed restoration of the MMA. Even the former JI ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad is in favour of restoration of the MMA. The MMA could be restored. Obviously there is no difficulty, if the JUI-F starts sincere efforts by making close contact with the JI leadership that wants restoration of the religious alliance. Being a chunk holder of the MMA, the JUI-F will have to come forward and convince all the other stakeholders and again, it will certainly benefit the Maulana Fazl Rehmans party, if the alliance is restored once more, the sources concluded.