LAHORE (APP) - Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) has urged the government to speed up process of sugar buying through the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) in order to start crushing of sugarcane season on time. Trading Cooperation of Pakistan floated a tender last week for buying 200,000 ton sugar. The crushing season of the sugarcane will start the moment TCP approves the tender, Chairman of the Association said. Javed Kayani, in a statement said that it would enhance the liquidity of sugar mills which would enable millers to make prompt payments to sugarcane growers during the next crushing season. He said sugarcane production was expected to be around 54 million tons and production of sugar was forecast to be around refined five million tons. He said it would be a record production of sugar in the history of the country. During the last six weeks, sugar prices have fallen from Rs 10 to Rs 12 per kg that proves the sugar stocks are more than the demand. Last month, he said, PSMA had made it clear that there was no need to import sugar and prices will remain stable in the coming season as well. Kayani said that the decision of the Ministry of Industries to buy sugar through TCP would benefit the farmers who would be ultimate beneficiaries of this decision and get prompt payments against their crop. The PSMA chairman said that arrangements to start crushing sugarcane were being finalized and hoped there would be no delay in acceptance and award of tender.