"An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie; for an excuse is a lie guarded." Pope The US administration is supporting Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. It is a decision that will lead to catastrophic conditions for the civil population and trigger a never-ending war in the region. It seems that the administrations in Washington and Jerusalem have miscalculated the resolve of the Iranian people not only to defend themselves, but also initiate an action that would have far-reaching consequences for the Middle East. The Americans and their puppets, in Israel, dont want Iran to emerge as a power that has the capability to lead other Arab countries, who either have or want to profess independent policies and work for the welfare of their people. At present, Israel with USAs support has been trying to dominate the entire Arab world, besides committing atrocities in Palestine, where hundreds of innocent people have been massacred by its forces. It has also indulged in frequent incursions into Lebanon with impunity and occupied large chunks of land belonging to Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Washington does not want Iran to emerge as a strong power in the region, especially with its known hostility towards Israel. So, it is supporting the Israeli leadership, who has now virtually finalised its plans to strike the Irans nuclear facilities that would push back its developmental efforts by 20 to 30 years. Against this backdrop, Israeli President Shimon Peres warned that the possibility of military action against Iran was a reality, as compared with the diplomatic options. According to him, this decision has been taken because Iran is rapidly moving towards its goal of acquiring nuclear weapons. Despite the fact that the authorities in Tehran have denied it, a war between Israel and Iran seems imminent. Here one is surprised at the role of Islamic countries, who have not mounted any sort of pressure on either the Americans or the Israelis, which could deter them from embarking on a road that would lead to catastrophic circumstances for the region. In the past, too, their role has not been very encouraging, especially when the US occupied Iraq, Afghanistan or helped militarily to topple the regime in Libya. All these countries were Muslim States, and if they are compared with some non-Muslim States, where people have suffered at the hands of more oppressive regimes, the example of Burma, Somalia and, to a certain extent, North Korea comes to mind. However, the Americans have made no effort to create conducive conditions in these countries, where the rule of law and democracy is established. Similarly, USAs support for Israel against Iran is because it (Iran) is an oil-rich country, while a nationalist government is in power; a proposition that does not suit American interests for obvious reasons. Also, reportedly, a malicious propaganda campaign has been unleashed in the US against Pakistan in which they have tried to create an impression that Pakistani nuclear weapons are not safe and may be stolen by the extremists. According to media reports, the Israeli government is preparing for war against Iran and large-scale civil defence exercises are being conducted in the country. But recently, Defence Secretary Leon Panetta had requested the Israeli leadership to keep Washington aware about its plans against Iran. This means that the Americans, instead of pressurising it to not consider war as an option, has, in fact, encouraged it to carry out its sinister designs against the people of Iran. Here, it is important to point out that in case the Islamic countries do not come out with a united response, or take a stand against the US and Israel, the duo will continue to pursue their policy of unilateralism that includes military aggression against weaker nations. Hence, the Islamic bloc must consider to build economic barricades against both the US and Israel. Undoubtedly, collectively they will be able to damage their economies by at least raising the cost of oil. It must also be remembered that nearly 90 percent of the money earned by these oil-rich States is either reinvested in the Western world, or kept in foreign banks by their ruling elite. It is time for the Islamic countries to look for other options and utilise their wealth accordingly. For example, a beginning can be made by establishing state-of-the-art universities in Muslim nations, rather than doling out donations to American and other Western educational institutions. Similarly, training and research in the field of science and technology should be a priority, which will help provide independence to these countries in the real terms. Presently, while the clouds of war are getting thicker and darker by the day, not a single Muslim country has openly condemned the much anticipated Israeli attack on Iran. Certainly, this attitude of the governments in these countries will not be tolerated by the people. Already puppet regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, have been toppled for following a pro-American policy in their countries. One feels that the Government of Pakistan should call an emergency OIC meeting on this issue with a one-point agenda. That is to avert the much anticipated war between Israel and Iran. Pressure should also be brought on Tehran to negotiate with the international atomic body and open up its nuclear facilities to reassure the world that it is not pursuing the manufacture of nuclear weapons. In case Pakistan succeeds, it will be a great achievement for the Muslim world. However, if no effort is made and the war is thrust on Iran by Israel, the entire political and economic scene of the Arab world is bound to change with prospects of extremism taking root in many countries becoming an unpleasant possibility. Therefore, it is expected that before the Americans and Israelis undertake this new adventure, they will analyse the short- and long-term repercussions that will emerge out of the war. Already there is not much support for the Obama administration among the people of several Muslim States, and in case of a war, this hatred will increase. One hopes that wisdom will prevail and other options that are available will be completely exhausted before the eventuality of a war is even considered. However, with the present state of affairs and the Bolshevik attitude of the American administration, coupled with the gung-ho attitude of the Israeli government, the world may see another war that will be to no one's benefit. The writer has been associated with various newspapers as editor and columnist. At present, he hosts a political programme on Pakistan Television. Email: zarnatta@hotmail.com