LAHORE Remaining once again the centre of attraction on this Eid, the Lahore Zoo overflowed with the visitors especially the children who enjoyed the tricks of monkeys and other animals. With these kind of visitors, the Zoo administration claimed to generate record revenue as maximum footfalls were registered by the ticket sellers during the three days of the festival. Some children also received minor injuries during the visit by falling and slipping from the slides inside the premises or trying their jumps over the barriers. The Zoo director told TheNation that the administration had ensured special foolproof security so that the visitors could fully enjoy their visit of the Zoo. He said that the administration installed security cameras as well at all the sensitive points for security point of view in general and monitoring the activities of the naughty children and youngsters in particular so that they could not cross the security barriers and fences to tease the animals. The director said the Zoo administration was expecting more visitors on this Eid as compared to the previous years. That was why they, keeping in mind arrival of a maximum number of animal lovers had increased the number of ticket booths. Maximum parking facility was also provided to the visitors. The Zoo, according to the director, had generated over Rs2.1 million during the three Eid holidays last year. Now they are expecting more revenue. He said that the administration also arranged wildlife guides who would be deployed at various important points, especially near the tiger and bear cages to provide necessary information to visitors about the beasts and birds, their natural habitats and habits, average lifespan, food, etc. According to a data, collected from City Zoo, thousands of people especially children and women used to visit Zoo every year and in this regard, a record number of Lahorites thronged the Zoo during 2010-11 and the Zoo administration generated huge revenue in millions of rupees as compare to the previous years. It may be mention here that the Zoo administration has fixed Rs 15 for adults and Rs 05 for children entry ticket. The data revealed that the City Zoo administration generated enormous revenue of Rs 3,52,43,225 during 2010 with a difference of Rs 52,53025 as compare to the revenue of Rs 2,99,90,200 being generated in 2009. As many as 28,74,771 visitors thronged the city Zoo from December 16, 2009 to December 12, 2010 and out of total 20,86,937 were adult visitors while 7,87,834 were children with a difference of a total 4,37,757 visitors out of which 3,06,924 adult visitors while 1,29,833 thronged Zoo as compare to 2009.