Revelation made before the Senate by Defence Minister Naveed Qamar that his ministry has no record of any agreement with the United States allowing CIA-operated drones to carry out operations within Pakistani territory is hardly shocking. He said he was not in a position to state as to when these strikes started. According to media reports, the PPP leader while responding to question totally disassociated the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces from the drone warfare. The Foreign Office and Defence Ministry have been condemning drone strikes with one voice having no knowledge on whose authority these strikes have been allowed. Earlier, it was understood that the initial permission was granted by former military dictator Gen Musharraf without anyone ever knowing the terms of engagement. The Foreign Office, during the routine weekly briefing on Thursday, has conceded that differences existed with the US over drone attacks and both the countries considered the issue as a major hurdle in smooth relations between the two allies. Someone will have to stand and claim responsibility. If these strikes are unauthorized, then action against drones must be initiated as the Pakistan Air Force chief has already claimed that we have the capability to shoot them down. What are we waiting for?