Peace has been restored to Swat by security forces, though many attempts were made by disruptive elements to spoil the peaceful atmosphere of the region. After the restoration of peace in the region, some activities like Kalam sports festival, Malam Jaba skiing competition and sports gala were initiated and held with the help and support of the army. However, dilapidated and poor roads are a big obstacle to promoting the tourism industry in Swat.The terrorist attack on Malala Yousafzai has also disrupted the peaceful atmosphere of Malakand division, particularly of Swat. People are in a state of apprehension regarding the looming threats by hidden forces. The army and the local administration should take substantial measures to restore the confidence of the area people. The Swatis have also rendered great sacrifices to restore peace and normality to the region. Without their help, restoration of peace to the region would not be possible. Peace in the whole of Malakand division may come at a cost after Malala’s incident. Dir, Malakand, Shangla and Buner are no exception.In the recent past we witnessed a lot of violence and terror inflicted upon residents of these regions. They have equally suffered at the hands of miscreants. In Buner many people were killed in terrorist attacks. The main reason for the unabated terrorist attacks cited by sources is that the people of the area stood by the government against the Taliban and thus the tone and rage of the Taliban became stern and harsh for local dwellers. Earlier, militants had shot dead nine policemen in Kingergali village of Salarzi tehsil, Buner. Later on a secret truce was made between the Taliban and local residents and in this way they got rid of the clutches of Taliban once and for all. The formation of a reconciliation committee or jirga system is a must for maintaining peace in the region. Moreover, the role of the media is crucial for ensuring peace and justice.SHAUKAT HAYAT BUNERI,Buner, November 9.