According to media reports, the prime minister of Pakistan is visiting Gwadar on November 9 or 11, 2012 to inaugurate the Gwadar Civic Centre, constructed by the Gwadar Port Authority. If the details of the project and previous expenditure on its inauguration are revealed, an amazing picture will emerge. The Gwadar Civic Centre project is a very small project, costing only Rs 188 million and comprising of a ground and mezzanine plus three floors. Its construction was started in March 2007 and was to be completed by the end of September 2008. However, it was actually completed during April 2012 and is now being inaugurated by the PM.The interesting part of the story is that the ground ceremony of this small project has already been carried out twice — once by the then president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf and again by the then PM of Pakistan, Mr Shaukat Aziz. A huge amount of money was spent on these events; we are talking about billions of rupees. At the time of Musharraf’s visit, it was learnt that a C-130 craft had brought the president’s special car from Islamabad to Pasni. Due to some defect, the car was taken back to Islamabad and another car was brought from Islamabad to Pasni and then driven to Gwadar for the use of the president in Gwadar, which lasted only a few hours. Everyone knows that a visit by the president or PM to a place like Gwadar entails extraordinary security and unimaginable cost; apart from the VVIP and his team, a number of federal ministers, senators, MNAs, federal secretaries and the entire administration of the provincial government, including the chief minister, ministers and chief secretary also attend the ceremony. Now, one can only imagine how much money has been spent on the previous two inaugurations and will be spent on the upcoming one. It is not understood why there is so much hypocrisy in the case of Balochistan where small results are highly exaggerated and projected as big achievements. It is not understood why these huge amounts are not spent on the construction of vital roads, which have been lying in a half complete state for many years, and on the establishment of colleges and universities also in dire need of financial aid. Can anyone tell me what justification exists for spending billions of rupees to inaugurate a project worth Rs 188 million, which should actually have been inaugurated by the commissioner of the district?HAFEEZ BALOCH, Turbat, November 7.