Referring to the statement made by MQM-H chief Afaq Ahmed on Kalabagh Dam that not all those opposing the dam are doing so on the directives of any force; they are opposing because the issue of Kalabagh Dam has been badly politicised. The people have been told that this Dam will deplete the flow of water in the Indus and turn Sindh into a desert, that Punjab will steal Sindh’s water because the dam will be in Punjab, and that the dam will have an adverse effect on the Indus delta. All this is sheer propaganda; the dam will store surplus flood water without affecting the normal flow of the Indus, the federal body IRSA will operate the dam and Punjab will get its reduced 37 percent share, same as Sindh’s increased 37 percent share, as per the Water Accord of 1991, also under the Accord engineers from the Sindh Irrigation Department will monitoring the flow in Punjab’s canals. This is what the people need to know and MQM-H can help in this regard and they will do a great public service if they undertake this task.ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, November 8.