Currently, there is much talk and exchange of opinions on how so many two, three and four star Generals of the Pakistan Army are being asked to explain some of their actions while in office. It is an altogether new situation and quite different from the times when it was thought that the announcement of putting the Generals in Suzuki cars was the biggest act of bravado possible by a civilian Prime Minister - as was done by late Prime Minister Junejo. The Generals, not one or two but nine of them, are actually in the dock. (Being in Suzukis, probably, seems a lot easier from this vantage point!) While no individual, however powerful, is above the law, the fact remains that the glee being exhibited by some at the embarrassment of the Generals in question in particular and the army in general is a little disconcerting.It is disconcerting because the army is an institution that is currently stretched from one end of the country to the other and is fighting terribly difficult wars with unseen enemies on very hostile terrains. It is also an army whose leadership has practiced restraint and recognised its role of being answerable for its actions, as in the time when the head of the ISI, General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, was questioned by members of Parliament and also submitted his resignation. As, at however slow a pace, Pakistan changes bit by bit in response to the requirements of the times, the army is changing too. Perhaps, the best thing the Asghar Khan petition has done is that it has put paid to military adventurism for the future. No General is going to fall again into the trap that is set for him by the politicians, who want to get to power by any foul or fair means - because it is a historically-proven fact that whenever the Generals have played with the politicians and have taken over power, it has been at their behest and with their help.This love-hate relationship must now become a thing of the past. While we are not quite at the point where President Zardari can do a McCrystal on General Kayani, yet we are inching forward in recognition of the fact that no one institution can impose its ideas and supremacy on the rest and that a collaborative approach is the best one. We may or may not like President Barack Obama, but the US elections are something we could learn a lot from. The graciousness and inclusiveness of the acceptance and conceding speeches after the hardest possible fight - and the harnessing of all people, on all sides of the divide to take the country forward. It is the smooth implementation of the democratic system, which makes America the power that it is. America’s election, coming on the heels of the beast that was Sandy, proves that it is no ordinary country.It is the politicians also who have to cast themselves in a new mould, as the process of redefining our country is carried out. The military, the media and the judiciary will all fall into place within their own specific roles once those seeking public office can withstand the exposure of close scrutiny, before being allowed to contest.The more we yearn for change, the more things remain the same in some cases. A face that Islamabad had never seen before with a name that Islamabad had never heard before either has sprung up on all the pole signs of the city with some indiscernible message. I must mention here that all pole streamers and banners have a very limited and curtailed life in the capital because, even when one has paid the taxes and has the permission, the banners are at times just removed immediately after being placed. The pole streamers in question, which have been there for many days now, revealed on a closer look why this was so. The face on them belonged to one Imran Ashraf, who is the current Prime Minister’s brother and is looking, as most of the well-connected brothers and sisters in this country are wont to do, for an encashment of his blood connection. He is seeking a PPP ticket to contest from Islamabad in the next elections and all of us who live in the city are getting familiar with his photographic image on the banners and resigning to the thought of another one from Lalamusa making it big. An essential component of redefining Pakistan must be the overcoming and discarding of this “make hay while the sun shines” mentality.Postscript: As one 14-year old child gets back to recovery slowly but surely in a hospital in England after being critically wounded by the Taliban, the news of another 15-year old girl being burned to death, not by the Taliban, but her own parents in Azad Kashmir is gruesomely ugly.If it was not in the papers, it would not be believable. It appears like a story out of some pre-historic times. That both parents of a 15 year old girl called Anousha, still a child and a minor, became so incensed by catching her looking at some boys that they threw some acid on her. The child was 70 percent burnt as a result. They only took her to hospital two whole days later, where she died. Even though both her parents are in jail, how does one come to terms with this? What is one supposed to blame this on? And from a mother at that? Each and every girl child of Pakistan must have access to education so that later, when she becomes a mother, she knows and understands how to deal with big or small issues that make a daily life, unlike Anousha’s mother.The writer is a public relations and event management professional based in Islamabad.Email: