November 9 is the birth anniversary of the great poet, philosopher and visionary, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The poet is an asset to Pakistan but we have not given the rightful place he deserved. If the younger generation have been infused with Iqbal’s poetry, it would thoroughly understand his views in conquering science and other horizons.

Besides, his hometown, Sialkot, is in a pathetic condition. There are no souvenirs available like his poetry books or postcards etc. even in his hometown. Iqbal had a deep understanding of Islam but he criticised the faulty role of the clergy system, and also harshly dissected Western democracy. His great knowledge of history combined with his power to motivate, expressed in poetry, are praiseworthy.

We must make sure that Iqbal’s legacy lives on. We are gradually drifting away from Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages. We are reducing ourselves to mediocrity though we should be proud of our history and civilisation.

Iqbal’s prose and poetry should be a compulsory part of our curriculum. His poetry must be taught with full understanding. Like all proud nations we must take pride in our national language and in our values.


Islamabad, November 8.