Reshma the ‘Desert Nightingale’ has passed away. She had a great and unique voice which touched many hearts. Reshma’s handwork, talent and humility earned her a memorable place in Indo Pak musical history. As much as people liked her unique and melodious voice they loved her simplicity too which was unique for someone of her stature in the music industry.

She remained true to herself and her heritage and culture; she did not change with the changing world around her nor take on any modern colour. She sung to packed audiences in and outside Pakistan and impressed the audiences with her sweet voice. Reshma has given us immense treasures and pride and certainly deserved much more than what we gave her as a society. It was embarrassing to read in a newspaper that she faced economic hardships during her last days. Why should a great national star like Reshma live in poverty and loneliness during her last days? I believe we all have to think about this and find answer to this question as a society.


Lahore, November 6.