The American drone strike that killed TTP Ameer Hakimullah Mehsud has caused outrage in religious political parties who have been against the very creation of Pakistan and called Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan, a ‘Kafire Azam’ (infidel) due to his secular character and political views about a modern state. The chief of the JUI-F and Ameer of JI have bestowed Hakimullah Mehsud with title of ‘martyr,’ a man who was responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent Pakistani and soldiers and a general is now termed as a martyr?

Pakistan Army has publically declared the Taliban as enemies of Pakistan state. I don’t understand who are against the drone attacks, as they help in eliminating enemies of Pakistan as well? Many other countries including China are in the process of making Drones to use when the target cannot be captured and where troops cannot act independently like Pakistan against the terrorists.


Lahore, November 6.