ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan can appear on the map of the world as a prosperous state provided his philosophy should be adopted in true spirit. These words were expressed in an interview on PTV by the son of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Dr Javed Iqbal on Iqbal's 136th birth anniversary Saturday.

"Allama Iqbal's philosophy was meant to have awareness about self and its place in the world.  There were three main reasons for the Muslim’s decline –kingship, mullaism and shrine culture” he said, adding that the main message of Iqbal poetry was the concept of 'Jihad' against taqleed and their stance of ijtahad adding that the creation of Pakistan was infact the result of the thoughts of these ijtahadees.

He said that the concept about Muslim youth in Iqbal's eyes was that the Muslim youth should consider himself very near to the Almighty than to have feeling of being slave to Him and he wrote marvelous poems "Skiwa","Jawab-e-Shikwa" in this context.  

Replying to a question about the humanity and the mysteries of the universe, Javed said apparently the basic purpose of his poetry was insistence on the creativity and if anybody lacks such creativity he would be called kafir or munafiq because he did not take his part of benefits from God's creativity and he did not have the privilege to eat the fruit of the tree of life as God has transmitted his soul in the humanity so they should take benefits out of it. About the concept of wisdom and Ishq, he said that Iqbal never considered wisdom as a bad thing as compared to the Ishq as it compel man to fly in the air while the wisdom forces a person to move carefully. Replying another question, he said Iqbal's concept of state was not in favour of theological state neither a secular state but called it a spiritual democracy and the concept linked back to 'Pact of Medina' as it was the first written constitution in which ample space was given to the non muslims for full religious freedom without any fear.